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165 definitions by blah

A karate move uttered by the Women of the Prehistoric Planet.
See MST3K.
Xena: Hi-Keebaaaaaaaa!
(Ninja chops Xena's head off.)

by Blah August 09, 2003
4 fingers in the pink, 1 in the stink, first heard in Soule Hall, a boys dorm at Phillips Exeter Academy in NH
This boy tried to give me a soule shocker...those sketchy soule boys.
by blah March 21, 2005
When a woman isnt well groomed and has to be told that it looks nasty down south.
Shave that shit bitch!
by blah November 03, 2003
Annoying brat at gametalk. never shuts up...
Nobody understands me...I only did it so i could be more of a brown noser to the mods and become one...I can't even sepll...there i go again...see..everyone thikns i'm teh suxxor!
by Blah May 18, 2004
To hook up with an attached women, especially fiances.
Yo, Mark just Tavares'd that hoe.
by Blah April 20, 2004
a chinese girl who is obsessed with anime. she is prone to liking tennis a lot also.
Also see RAWR or something else like that.
by Blah January 10, 2005
The proper (non-American) way to spell it.
The English like to organise things properly.
by Blah November 09, 2004