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165 definitions by blah

The proper (non-American) way to spell it.
The English like to organise things properly.
by Blah November 09, 2004
a jewish kid, (e-tai)
his dad must sell cars
the kid that was on punk'd season 2 episode #203..download it on kazaa
by blah August 28, 2004
The condition of the "region" of a woman after a hot, sweaty workout.
Man, doing her after she ran was like opening a grilled cheese sandwhich.
by blah August 05, 2003
Some wierd ass word made up by a crazy nanny who was looking after some children. FBI investigators are searching for her now under criminal charges of trying to drive these poor children insane.
by blah December 28, 2004
A pathetic attempt to use the term "metal" to create a tough, hard image for shitty music that bears little, if any, resemblence to actual metal music.

There are dozens of sub-genres of metal out there, each with different sounds and everything... and nu-metal is NOT one of them.

John Petrucci plays more notes in one Dream Theater solo than all of the members of Linkin Park have ever played in their whole rotten lives, combined.

Granted, you don't *need* to have solos in your songs for them to be good. But it helps to at least have the *ability* to play them, which nu-metal bands obviously do not. It also helps to be able to write a song without picking random power chords on the guitar until a few of them sound good.
Turn on the radio, you'll hear some.
by blah November 05, 2004
The bomber that dropped the first two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945, respectively. Ended the second world war. "Enola" backwards is "alone," which means "alone gay" or "alone happy."
The enola gay is a pretty gay name.
by blah March 08, 2004
A position in basketball which usually shoots from the perimeter.
MJ is da best shootin guard
by blah June 08, 2003