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1. overcompensation of machismo that is overshadowed by the subject's obvious latent homosexuality generally characterized by attire such as butt-rock t-shirts and other such macho-bullshit that's asinine.

2. any fan of 90's nu-metal bands such as slipknot or mudvayne who espouse the attitude of that wave of crappy music in the late 90's. or any fan of hair-metal from the 80's such as motely crue or whatnot that feels as though this makes them masculine.

3. an excessively aggressive male who uses any excuse to get intimately close to other men even if it involves resorting to violence in order to satiate the latent homosexual feelings he harbors.

4. any male by which life is defined by the male's latent homosexuality he harbors that causes him feelings of constant anger that can only be absolved by getting anally penetrated by the men he denies his love for and as he never will cop to his homosexuality will spend his life in a perpetual state of anger and denial.
steven: "Dude! You see that guy with the guns n' rosese shirt listening to pantera with the mullet over there? he's totally gay-macho!"

mike: "yeah but don't let him hear you say that or he might come over and start shit bro."

steven: "yeah a gay-macho guy like that would love to touch me anyway he can."
by blagwell December 06, 2009
1.) A desperate and deluded heterosexual male who resorts to deceiving women by professing to be homosexual and acting/dressing/speaking accordingly as a ploy to sleep with women. Reminiscent of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s performance in the movie Boat Trip.

(note: this never really works!)

2.) A heterosexual male who claims to be gay in order to gain the trust of a woman in order to be put in intimate situtions that are generally reserved only for those in her life that are neutral in matters of her sex life such as a sister, their mother, or their girl BFF.
(i.e. the woman letting the male watch her dress and undress trying on different outfits and asking for feedback as most women are under the impression homosexuals have a keen fashion sense and having a male that they can completely be themselves around without worry of sexual advances)

3.) a desperate male who has had terrible luck with women and as a result sleeps with other men convincing themselves they're a homosexual (regardless of the fact they have to think about women while they're having gay sex in order to orgasm) out of spite towards women until they finally are fed up with getting cock and goes back to women.

Rene:"dude why did you tell christie you're gay?"

Billy:"because that's what chicks dig man!"

Rene:"you faux-mosexual! she hates you now! if you had just said you're straight she would've totally gone out with you"


Aleister: "you spent the day with linda watching her try on outfits without her bra or panties on??!?!? how the hell did you manage that one? she's a goddess and you're well..."
Alice: "hey! well... you know... i kind fibbed and told her that i'm gay"
Aleister: "oh i see! you're a faux-mosexual!"


craig"you to told me you were gay. we've been together for over a year now. now you are leaving me for woman i saw you kissing?!?!" *sobs*
Rob:"look i'm sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you"
craig:"get away from me you liar! you liar!"
Rob:" i'm sorry, i've just been a faux-mosexual this whole time!"
by blagwell December 12, 2009
1. A group/gang of Tweekers as is commonly found with meth addicts
2. a large group of persons who may not necessarily be tweekers but exhibit Tweeker Behavior
1. "There was a twaggle living next door until the cops raided their meth lab!"
2. Do those assholes ever sleep? THey're a f'n' twaggle I swear.
by blagwell October 16, 2009
1. The Band wagon of the "cougar" fad by which popular culture has glamorized what was once the shameful and desperate act of resorting to older women for sex.

2. A vehicle specifically designed and/or modified with picking up older women in mind
1. "Wow, three years ago you thought I was sick for being into jessie who was only 30 when i was 20, now you're dating lisa who's twice your age! Way to jump on the Cougar Wagon!"

2. "Check out my new minivan, i'm picking up old ladies left 'n right! it's a total cougar wagon!"
by blagwell October 27, 2009
1. abbreviation for Porn Star Vagina Syndrome commonly characterized by the inside of the vagina hanging outside of the labia.

2. A vagina that's been beat up to the point where it hangs loosely resembling that of a 90 year old woman on an otherwise young girl
Simon: "dude how did it get on with that chick hanging all over you last night at Jay's Party?"
Roger: "aaaaw, her Vagina was hanging out past her knees, total P.V.S. status"
by blagwell October 20, 2009

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