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4 definitions by bk808

Jagoffs who join and clog up the gym as a new year's resolution to lose weight but end up quitting in February.
"there's no machines available because of these damn 2 monthers"

"fuck, I wanted to do some cardio today but can't"....'don't worry Bob, all of those assholes are just 2 monthers, they will be quitting in no time'
by bk808 January 09, 2011
3 1
to urinate....plain and simple.
"dude, where's your bathroom? I have to Leak Out"
by bk808 November 21, 2006
6 4
A fusion of the words Fantastic and Great.
Dude, that bong hit was Fantazgreat.
by bk808 November 07, 2006
10 8
a short way of saying GO FUCK YOURSELF. usually used as a code on a pager back in the 90's. Similar to the way 143 is used as I LOVE YOU. the number represents the amount of letters in each word. 2=GO 4=FUCK 8=YOURSELF
"Neal, your such an asshole!" where the response from Bob would be "248"
by bk808 November 08, 2006
30 38