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similar to fantabulous...but WAY better
NOT having you assholes walking into my house and living in my kitchen every night is fucking FANTAZGREATTTTTTTT!
by soozle November 13, 2006
When something is so fantastic and so great that using the words separately just won't do it justice.
We were watching football at Bob's this weekend and his 18 year old hot female neighbor came over and gave us all head at half time, then left, man it was fantazgreat!
by Flatpocket November 07, 2006
the perfect compliment to a swell time
dan being 900 plus miles away from me is fantazgreat
by laughing skull November 08, 2006
better than fantastic!
man, this effin PB&J sandwich is fantazgreat!
by thehopst November 03, 2006
A fusion of the words Fantastic and Great.
Dude, that bong hit was Fantazgreat.
by bk808 November 07, 2006
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