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The area code for Oakland County in Michigan. Oakland County is the county right above Detroit.
Yo, I live in the 248!
by mmmbaby312221 July 19, 2006
All Beatles all the time. Beatles 24 hours a day, eight days a week!
This dedicated radio station plays Beatles music 24-8.
by Milt Alwin February 06, 2009
a short way of saying GO FUCK YOURSELF. usually used as a code on a pager back in the 90's. Similar to the way 143 is used as I LOVE YOU. the number represents the amount of letters in each word. 2=GO 4=FUCK 8=YOURSELF
"Neal, your such an asshole!" where the response from Bob would be "248"
by bk808 November 08, 2006
The area code for Michigan, some areas of MI but not all.
I live in commerce MI, we have the area code 248!
by Sarah Rogers April 01, 2006
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