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16 definitions by bird

1. sensible; practical
2. geniune
She's a really down to earth person
by bird July 15, 2004
1482 426
Expression of irritation
Stop poking my dog :|
by Bird May 06, 2004
179 71
Short-form for Ai Sio Gan Mai. In English, this translates to "Wanna Fuck?". Usually used when approaching promiscuous girls.
Hi. My Name is (xxx). ASGM?
by bird October 19, 2004
51 17
a massive boner you get in the morning that just will not go away
Whilst I had the urge to stand and walk away from an unwanted conversation, my morning monster prevented me from doing so.
by bird June 18, 2004
31 4
The whining little virgin boys who post on music forums.
Get a job and stop posting pon dnb you little fassys.
by bird December 07, 2004
13 3
A term defining a very small measurement, roughly 1/1000th of the length of an average pubic hair. Usually used to describe measurement in great emotion.
4th and inches?! More like 4th and a millipube, bitch!
by Bird December 28, 2003
6 3
A term a speshial person uses instead of "message"
There's a messhage that I'm sending, hope you receive.
by Bird March 14, 2005
1 0