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An expressionless face
"Hi, my name is Bob. :|"
by Uncle Bob November 11, 2002
A text simley referred to as "face plain" that shows disgust or dissaproval.

Widely used on the IGN Boards.
Person 1: i maastrb8 2 goatse olol
Person 2: :|
by Mr_eX October 04, 2003
Expression of irritation
Stop poking my dog :|
by Bird May 06, 2004
An anti-emoticon. Face with no emotion. While a person excepts you to do ":D", you can give ":|" instead, if the joke wasn't funny. Can also express that you are telling something seriously, although it sounds like a joke.
Person A: hey wassup?
Person B: The sky :|

Person A: My cat died because I put it in the microwave oven to dry it up
Person B: haha yea right
Person A: not a joke :|
by le mons April 10, 2007
A serious "smiley" used to indicate confusion or that a joke wasn't funny.
Joe: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Kratos: Why?
Joe: Cuz of your mom.
Kratos: :-|

Joe: So then I like, shidnged outta that place of teh they.
Kratos: :-|
Kratos: what are you trying to say
by Drew Noel November 21, 2006
how to make a robot in facebook chat
:|] will rule the world
by jrleighton January 02, 2010
The official emoticon of apathy, non-expression, indifference, with undertones of anarchy. Commonly referred to as the "funk face." Utilized in situations where no verbal response is necessary or available. The digital equivalent of a long-blink with a funk face.
so I'm sitting in the job interview and the guy says to me "now drop your pants."
I was all just like :|
by jackspears May 17, 2013
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