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35 definitions by big al

a slave who eats both shit and piss.

That slave is a human toilet.
by Big Al October 02, 2003
259 68
Often used to parody online acronyms, this originally stood for "better be quick," usually used in online games.
"i need to change loadouts"
"bbq, the game is about to start"
by Big Al July 16, 2004
487 348
in da nati we will split ur muthafuckin wig
by big al September 02, 2003
154 37
Someone who when they talk only release worthless gas, with no value other than to smell up the room
by Big Al August 05, 2003
100 29
girl who will do anything, any time, anywhere, with anybody.
paris hilton
by big al December 09, 2003
58 15
semen, cum
I gave Melanie's face a mightly hefty load of bone sauce last night.
by Big Al June 17, 2004
58 16
A term referring to a man's reproductive gland (a cock).
My love rocket blasted off into Suzie's coochie nebula last night, bong!!!!
by Big Al November 03, 2003
27 1