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Someone who when they talk only release worthless gas, with no value other than to smell up the room
by Big Al August 05, 2003
The face you make when you're letting one go. The aligning of certain contours of your face is thought to have an impact on your ability to release anal gases.
Honey, you look funny when you're making your fart face.
by Mike P. Grant, Esq. March 17, 2007
One who has a permanent facial expression as if ready to "let one fly".
Wow, that woman has a major fart face!
by daltheacat December 02, 2009
1.Another word for stupid idiotor a moron.
2.Someone who's face smells like ass!
dude 1:Dude, I couldn't even talk to that guy, he's such a fartface.

dude 2:I know man, that's sick!
by KaylaEM January 29, 2008
A face which people make, often unaware, which gives the appearance that they are smelling a noxious odor. Often times, if a person is a fartface, this is the way a person's face looks even when they are not making a face. Also, if a person is a fartface, they also have an attitude or dillusions of being better than everyone around them, which is what causes their face to constantly contort this way.
Person 1: That bitchy looking girl looks like she smells something terrible!
Person 2: No, she's just a fartface.
by kpage727 February 02, 2010
A jackass, jerk, dink, prick, bastard.
Jon Tingley stole Colin's Furby(TM); but it's ok, Colin had it coming, the fartface stole Jon's Pocket Pussy (TM) and uses it as a cooler for his tall boy beer.
by SharOne September 11, 2014
When you fart in someone's face, usually when they are crouched down.
When John bent down to tie his shoes, Fred took the opportunity to give him a delicious fartface.
by fartface... September 23, 2010
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