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synonym: becoming Celibate
Have you read about that "celibacy by choice" fad that is going around?

Yes, now that I'm married, my wife is choosing it for me.
by Big D March 12, 2004
1) One who gives head...

2) A homosexual male
I bet she's a good penis smoker... ;)

Jake, quit acting like a Penis Smoker
by Big D March 01, 2003
A over abused and used vagina.
1. Whos Suzy? The bitch with the big crator in her pants.
by big d February 24, 2005
a person from both black and hispanic descent
Tyrone banged Juanita, and now they have a little spoda!!
by Big D January 09, 2003
someone who is stupid and inconsiderate towoards others
William Blue-Frick is a real ass clown because he likes to "schnoogle" with Chuy.
by Big D May 01, 2004
Applied Science & Engineering @ the University of Toronto. A place where every year:you get dumber, your ass hole gets bigger from all the raping, your pocket has more holes from the high tuition, and you gain 20 pounds from the junk food you have to eat. OH and your best friend is your right-hand b/c there are few females, but none will be willing to go out with you.
Skule is for dumbasses who either listen to their parents or don't know what to do with themselves.
by Big D January 26, 2005
An elite group in Oldham County, Kentucky. They do want they want when they want with who they want.
H6 MAFIA "Legends in their own minds"
Don't mess with H6.
by Big D April 20, 2003

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