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19 definitions by biffula

The original Native American word for friend. Often thought to be Spanish, but used by the Caddo Indians long before the Spanish arrived. Bastardized by Spanish explorers and became known as the location now known as Texas.
Dont mess with Tejas.
by biffula August 25, 2006
An extremely short johnson.
I look down and all I see is an elevator button.
by biffula June 28, 2007
1) an alcoholic beverage

2) an old term for a military dwelling
1) Give me a drink of that hooch.

2) If we hurry, we'll have time to stop by the hooch before chow time.
by biffula November 28, 2007
a particulary nasty fart
Dude, whats up with the ass haze in here? I cant breath!
by biffula September 01, 2006
The greasy remains from an inadequate ass wiping. Ultimately will cause burning and/or itching until propertly cleaned. The cause of skid-marks in a persons drawers.
Dude, I cant wait to find a crapper so I can clean up my crease grease.
by biffula September 02, 2006
The tip of the penis. It looks like a small firmans helmet.
I love it when she licks my midget firemans helmet.
by biffula June 28, 2007
An idiot due to their over consumption of alcohol over the years. One who has pickled themself.
Get outta here you freakin Rum Dumb, or I'll call the cops!
by biffula November 26, 2007