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Bad spelling for the word 'dil', which is short for dildo. A mistake indicative of the pathetic shape our public education system is in.
Dude, you are such a dill(dil).
by biffula November 28, 2007
A fully decked out motorcycle which has been enhanced through add-ons to make them appear more stylish and/or more comfortable for longer rides. Add-ons that result in a motorcycle being considered a dresser include windscreen, backrest, good-time radio, CB radio, and saddlebags. After putting these add-ons onto a motorcycle that bike is said to be 'fully dressed' (or a 'dresser').
Damn, all you see are fools riding sportsters or dressers these days. No real bikers left anymore.
by biffula April 07, 2010
The act of sharing ones blood while high on heroin with another to get them high. If one junkie has used and the other has no heroin, the one who is high will draw their blood into a syringe and inject the non-holding junkie with the blood to get them high. A new practice that will spark the spread of aids and hepatitis like wildfire.
Mambasa, flash blood me, I aint holding and am getting dope sick.
by biffula July 13, 2010
From American football. Playing smashmouth football. Being so physical and tough that one is 'hellaphysical.'
There's only one way to play today, and thats to go out and be hellaphysical!!
by biffula June 22, 2011
Wasting Time. Using the military phonetic spelling for the letters WT. Originated in the military. Contrary to what all the kiddies and dils think, it stands for Wasting Time, not White Trash.
Someone asks you wassup while you are working or at your post, you respond, "Whiskey Tango man, Whiskey Tango."
by biffula November 28, 2007

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