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37 definitions by bert2

a new trend, regular girls that you pay to have sex with, not hookers, normally u meet them in the club or at major functions i.e. football games, concerts. Easy then trying to meet girls when u travel alot. and less headaches
Everytime i go to famu homecoming, i see red, she is my pay girlfriend, for a half of stack i get everything including killa head.
by bert2 December 06, 2005
jail term used to describe mornings
leroy woke up nowing he had only four brights left in gulf county jail.
by bert2 February 19, 2006
girls that sell sex, not traditional hookers, mostly strippers and college girls, can be found in regular clubs too.
see red over der she is one of the get it down girls i bought her the other night.
by bert2 July 06, 2005
i guy who acts like a faggot, maybe a faggot but you are not sure about him.
leroy acts like a half of faggot
by bert2 May 24, 2005
nick name, paul wall rapper and freddie mitchell nfl recv.
freddie mitchell also goes by the name people champ
by bert2 September 15, 2005
saturday night. old school word used to describe how afro americans celebrate saturday night. getting clean, washing the car, going out to the club and celebrating.
you can tell it is black christmas, man these brothers are lub and this club is packed.
by bert2 June 19, 2005
a strip club in jacksonville fl. located in the middle of the hood has some nice ass stippers in there that will do anything. can have a good time in der, if you got some bread
man i blew a half of stack in the silver fox messing with dat stripper j.
by bert2 June 19, 2005