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Bomb ass historically black college; A.K.A. Florida A & M University
FAMU's band is the best
by the2k2balla November 12, 2003
hbc in tallahasse fl, known for it's female to male ratio once claimed to be as high as 10 to 1. Some of the finest woman in the world. the best college football homecoming and a place to get a primo education.
FAMU has the best selection of redbones in the world.
by bert2 June 19, 2005
Meaning close personal friend.
A play on the word fam or family mixed with the famous killer whale Shamu.
Kevin: You going to the spot later

Kaizer: Yeah ill be up there

Kevin: Word up Ill see you there

Kaizer: word peace son

Kevin: Peace Famu
by Sid Tha Surgn June 28, 2013
acronym that means Fuck A Mothafucka Up
Ya'll ready to go out and FAMU
by Cool Carl January 10, 2004
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