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37 definitions by bert2

time when you have a full package of dope and you are broke and you need to make some money, so you are on the hustle trying to make some money, night and day
rent time and child support time, it is grind time i got to make some money
by bert2 June 30, 2005
54 36
another word used in place of saying forty five, a colt 45 gun.
man i got in the club with the four fifths, let some shit pop off iam ready.
by bert2 June 29, 2005
32 15
another way to say watermelons
in the south all they eat is dem black apples.
by bert2 June 25, 2005
9 3
refers to having a baby to get a check from baby's father. Affects men with money: ballers, dope boys, ball players, rappers, actors and regular businessmen.
Becky let Leroy hit raw dog for a half of stack she was trying to give birth to a check. That's some hood shit.She knew he was on that hen dog.
by bert2 August 09, 2006
11 7
fake versions of popular shoes mostly jordans and air force ones usually sales on the internet and flea markets
those variant jordans i broght of the internet were jacked up one shoe was bigger than the other and the colors were off
by bert2 June 19, 2005
8 4
is a very tough game of madden football, a game which is very close, it forces you to bring out new plays, cause the old ones are being shut down, a battle to the end.
dred was in a hell game with leroy, he had to bring out some new plays
by bert2 January 15, 2006
8 5
southern slang used to take about 84's
rims that stick out from the tires
i got 84's poking out, paul wall
by bert2 July 06, 2005
9 5