15 definitions by bernard

a mans "special sauce"
"hello im MATT MILLER and i want you to empty your thick creamy load on my chest"
by bernard February 02, 2005
The act of inserting a finger into the anus while performing oral sex. Usually it's male to female or in the gay community male to male or female to female but could apply to female to male
I gave her "the spike" while I was going down on her. Drove her crazy man!!
by bernard August 01, 2006
a stealthy death ninja, and generally really cool person
n30n is the coolest
by Bernard March 24, 2003
1.n. Mechanical device consisting of a large PVC chair, a plastic phallus and several electrodes.

2 n. Any device designed to enhance one's moments of 'leisure'.
Man! that Jumbalator makes me wanna shit! Gee, it's like having an eight inch long vibrating turd, dude!
by Bernard August 16, 2003
to try to stop one from getting booty
stop cockblokin nigga
by bernard December 03, 2003
similar to the shoop except wiping the face NOT the inside of mouth.NO ORAL PENETRATION HOKAY
"goddamit matt you fucking shoomed me with man paste dickwad"
by bernard February 02, 2005
Munoz! See Munoz for a fuller definition
Munoz is such a furby!
by Bernard March 09, 2005

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