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Ass to other girls mouth
Porno term meaning in a threesome with a guy and two girls. One girl gets fucked in the ass and the cock goes directly from her ass into the other girl's mouth...see Rocco Siffredi.
by Bernard December 24, 2004
irritible, annoying see wordPMS
don't get all pissy on me.
by bernard April 11, 2003
to "poke" someone in a bodily orifice
by bernard February 02, 2005
mentioning someone (usually 'famous') in a conversation to imply that you are best friends with said person in lame hope of appearing cool by association
Cubix the cunt: I couldn't possibly answer that, i would get a grilling from Ronnie or Arthur (as he browses these forums) or a Avi, ha ha. I lie i love to bum lee blackwell on weekends.
by bernard September 07, 2004
A crappy computer manangement system which doesnt do what it is supposed to
Oh no, you've got an altiris on your hands
by Bernard March 04, 2005
The place which I call my second home. The place where I have met my best friends or better yet my sisters. The place where nothing goes wrong and everything is just right. The place where I could never imagine never seeing again.
My favorite place in the world is popcfg.
by Bernard February 05, 2004
kiddy fiddlers
Fraggle Rock is full of nonces
by bernard April 11, 2003

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