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- n. - a father or grandfather, or old folk in general
Homie 1: Hey, wanna meet me in da alley and garden some Mary Jane?
Homie 2: Aw schnap, I gotta visit mah pappy! Maybe some other day...
Homie 1: Dayums, me too...I hate mah papps but I gotta score some watson from dat biatch...catcha Tuesday.
Homie 2: Yah-yah! Buhbye
by Bensta November 22, 2005
- n. - The act of magnifying the breastal area
Wow, this milkshake magnifier really does the job! THey look 10 times bigger!
by Bensta November 22, 2005
- n. - Old fashioned term acting as a swear word; only the ghettoest of ghetto use this term
Schnap, da cops is on to us!
by Bensta November 22, 2005
Having raging vaginal sex with a woman, then shoving a beer bottle up her ass, and spanking her buttox with a dishpan
Skank: Schnap, my ass is soar from that Slap-A-Johnny you gave me last night!
by Bensta November 27, 2005
Sack of drugs, usually cocaine or marijuana
You gots the baod? 'Cause I gots the cash...
by Bensta November 22, 2005
- n. - Someone's "bitch", prostetute" or "ho"
Don't mess with her, she's mah bitchcandie
by Bensta November 22, 2005
a common insult meaning "someone who randomly gives Sexually Transmitted Deseases" usually directed toward enemies or overpriced prostetutes
Enemy: You call that a penis? That's pathetic.
Homie 1: Your cock may be large, but I bet you're an STD grab-bag.
by Bensta November 30, 2005

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