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Lesbians. Seen in novel Path of Daggers, Robert Jordan.
Quote from memory:
It's none of my business that you two spend so much time together, for all I know you could be pillow friends.
by bean October 10, 2003
Having been given food.
"You got served. Enjoy your meal, sir."
by Bean September 10, 2004
A council flat is the british equavalent of the projects in america. They are government housing built for the poor.
Chavs only live in council flats.
#council flats #council housing #council house #chav #chavs
by BeAN November 03, 2005
El Enemigo!! (the enemy in spanish)

The antithesis to the male penis.
Your ex-girlfriend: Yeah, I dumped him, alright. But hey, I gotta vibrator.
by Bean April 17, 2005
A type of arthritis that primarily affects the spine and sacroiliac joints. Tendons and ligaments may become inflamed where they attach to the bone. Advanced forms may result in formation of bony bridges, causing stiffness and spinal rigidity. An inflammatory arthritic disorder that affects males more often than females. Affected individuals are usually HLA B27 positive.
ouch my back hurts lots and lots lets smoek some weed
by bean October 19, 2004
A one-dimensional person.
Someone who has no depth to them whatsoever.
Paris Hilton has a cardboard personality.
by BeAN March 15, 2005
Noun: one who is mentally slow. synnonym: Idiot
Stop being a Boce, rob!
by Bean January 27, 2004
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