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Noun: a person who's characterisitcs seem good on paper, but in reality are quite annoying.
ex: a sensitive man- on paper, he seems ideal, however, in reality he's a spoiled brat who lacks bravery.
Josh is a total paper billy!
by Bean January 27, 2004
Definately cooler than Aaron.
I want Kitosho to have my babies!
by BEAN October 30, 2003
To cry "whoop" in as a crazed war cry.
Run Jonny, We're fucked now, I just heard the Mafia "Whoop the whoop"
by Bean July 10, 2003
A really really cool person who i LOVE to death...

That poosel is da bomb!!
by Bean May 15, 2004
smokin weed. see buffin ass smirkin dirties or funkin on that funky toobus
I was funkindown last night and i was as high as fuck
by bean May 27, 2003
feh-ro-ku comes from a created language called "Tsukitsu", it means commonor. It is equivalent to the latin word plebian and the british word chav. "Feh" is condescending particle while "Roku" means they or them. To call someone Fehroku means you have contempt for them and their kind. Fehroku is plural and singluar.
The projects consist of nothing but fehroku.
That fehroku only had kids to get on welfare!
In America we have fehroku, in Britian they have chavs.
by BeAN November 03, 2005
1) The opposite of kewl, that being 3 polish circus performers hailing a cab on a raft made up of hollowed out dinosaurs bones in the middle of the red sea, and one of the performers is 96.3% lithium.
2) Setting your own bedtime.
3) Steve Pinske.
JAN: Fight Club is the coolest movie ever.

BEAN: Fight Club is emo.

Sheep: Antikewl. That's just antikewl. Stop f*cking talking to me.
by Bean May 06, 2005

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