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Secret character in the Capcom video game Street Fighter Alpha 2. Anybody who uses him is considered cheesy.
"Man would you stop fucking using those double air fireballs!"
by Bean April 01, 2003
When sweet isn't good enough, expression of EXTREME content
You just Aced your final!

by Bean December 02, 2004
Giggiling my butt off!
lol!! rofl!! gmbo!!
by Bean November 10, 2003
The anticipation for sex or any romantic encounter with a man: "man"+"anticipation"= manticipation!
She manticipated their next date for days- she wanted him bad!
by bean June 14, 2004
clitoris, pussy, etc.
I could really go for a slideways sloppy joe or a tuna casserole....pink taco?
by Bean August 15, 2003
Noun: a male who is outwardly homophobic because he is secretly homosexual.
You know eminem is a lavendar lad.
by Bean January 27, 2004
displaying the properties of an oger.
ie. huge, large, often hairy, or extreme cases of obesity

derived from the famous term Mad niggerish
this mad ogerish mafucker came out so we peeled
by bean March 11, 2005
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