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Fuck Rake Yohn, our armies are close to getting him.
Run while you can, motherfucker.
by BB April 12, 2004
A word coined by the famous Adam Carolla. (SPLOO-ZER) Noun

Combination of a Spazz and a Loser. Someone who stalks celebrities.
Security guard Andy took care of the SPLOOZERS lining up outside the KROQ radio station in hopes of meeting the hot female guest that was appearing on the show.
by BB January 26, 2004
verb (to disappear out of the room abruptly)
Don't zypher out of the room you noob
by bb March 10, 2005
A small, desolate hicktown in cental North Dakota. Full of hillbillies who love Nascar, drinking at sad lonely bars and populating the world with more hillbillies. Used to describe a sad, hopless state of mind.
Man my mom died, I ran over my cat and I'm broke - it's like I'm in Minot.

I listened to the Cure all day...now I feel like I've lived in Minot all my life.
by bb February 11, 2005
The act of two women rubbing their breasts together.
We're not lesbians, we were just breasting.
by bb April 08, 2003
when a woman eats out a guys ass while giving him a reach around at the same time
My girlfriend played the brown trombone last night....or she gave me a brown trombone last night.
by BB January 25, 2004
Brucie Bonus....from the god that is Bruce Forysth
Did you get a Brucie this month?
by BB July 29, 2003

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