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It forces all viruses to turn friendly and start dancing...Thus allowing Barry to penetrate it easily...Watch out Rich!!!!! Barry dancing
The numawall attracts men like Barry
by Barry March 25, 2005
Ketamine (drug)
"Lets get semi dimensional on klarky kat!"
by Barry January 30, 2004
To get an erection.
Blimey, she gave me the hardest bar, I had to get a cold spoon and smack it!
by Barry October 18, 2003
To do nothing, lie around and be lazy
I'm just sagging, watching TV
by Barry June 04, 2004
1. A polite and well meaning colloquialism. This phrase gained popularity when famed rapper/pornographer/movie star Snoop Dogg started using it and other words containing the suffix "izzle" or "izzy."

2. To informally aquiesce or agree with someone whom you consider an affable peer.
My friend Tim was like, "Whassup Dog, are you going to the game tonight?" I responded "Fo' Shizzle my nizzle" in the pitch of a tenor.
by Barry February 12, 2004
A mormon girl who hits buses with her car.
Broadzilla, broadzilla, she comes to save the, save the day
Broadzilla, broadzilla, she comes to preach her mormon ways
by barry December 12, 2003
Definition: Stuffed up,
In the early 70's there was an add for (I think) Miranda Orange Drink. It was about an Orange who was so proud to be going into this drink. The add was supposed to be him coming out onto the stage to say "IT MAKES ME PROUD TO BE AN ORANGE" But instead he was so nervous that he came out and said "IT PRAKES ME MOUD TO BE A BORANGE" So he stuffed up
So when you get it wrong, "Oh Ive made a right Borange of myself
by Barry January 06, 2005

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