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Meaning a chav/scutter.. someone who lives on a council estate & is on the doll.. they hang out on park benches or outside the local shops,they smoke weed & wear fake burberry,trackies & shox..

name come from an alcoholic tramp that lived in Derby - 'bocker wright'.
Oh darling look at that bocker over there drinking lambrini..

He was on jezza kyle, what a bocker!
by wilko.x November 30, 2010
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The equivalent of a "fag" in English public school, Christ's Hospital. Simultaneously a term for the kitchen staff.
my mate knows one of the bockers, he says they wank into the ravioli all the time.
by thorn a gay June 02, 2011
Word to define a subject that has no definition.

Also used after the word chicken for even more confusion.
What is that? It's a bocker!

Chicken bockers all over the place.

GG n00b chicken bocker sit down
by NateWHO April 17, 2004
Devonian equivalent of "Bugger"
"What be you two bockers 'bout bezides nort?"
(Trsl) "What are you two doing, apart from nothing at all?"
by TuxT August 21, 2007
(n). Someone or something that is especially cute or adorable. Usually used in reference to children or boyfriends.

(adj). Having the qualities of a bocker.

(v). The act of doing something to make someone more of a bocker.
That little girl is such a bocker!

So this bocker kid goes up to his mom and says...

I totally just bockered up my boyfriend's hair.
by Anonymouser2 July 29, 2005

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