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flake cocaine
i got some dank ass flake off joe last week
by barry October 17, 2003
Something that is sick or dope, but not limited to positive meaning. In street jive though, it is a description word of something that you like or enjoy.
Statement: Damn son. Those are some brutal kicks you flossin'.

Response: Naa Mean. (an appropriat response)
by Barry February 04, 2004
A girl who is ugly and wears a thong
That skanky chick is so thugly
by barry December 12, 2003
when you do something of genius proportions and barry and emmet simultaniasly came up with the word
thats geniosity
by barry June 19, 2003
The state of Mississippi.
M-I-crooked letter crooked letter-I etc.
James is from the crroked letter
by Barry April 06, 2004
Someone from the same geographic area as you are. Someone from your home.
That's my homeboy from the crooked letta.
by Barry April 06, 2004
A abbreviation for weiner.

Also: Super-ween, weinery biscuit.
Man, that kid's such a ween!
by barry December 12, 2003

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