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1. noun: A woman (especially a married woman) who commits or has committed a flagrant and heinous behavioral act that goes against her normally benign and predictable nature.
2. noun: A male who becomes bitchy and/or excessively agitated by a meaningless, insignificant event.
1. "I can't wait until bitch eyes gets all of her sh-t and goes away for good.

2. "Chill out, bitch eyes.. nobody's shooting at us."
by badkarma August 04, 2003
1) A person whose politics are so left-of-center, he/she makes Stalin look like a Reagan Democrat.

2) The correction of a decades-old misspelling of this word: Liberal.
The difference between a Liar and a Liberal is the letters "B", "E", and "L"; in that order; so it should really be spelled "Liarbel".
by BADKarma October 08, 2011
A species of civil servant who hails from South Carolina and is prone to sporadic outbursts of unproductive comments when stressed. Almost always, these comments are not appreciated by
anyone else.
"Nooooooobody wants a Charlie-in-a-box! sniff sniff whimper"
by badkarma April 26, 2005
1) A person who claims to be a Libertarian, yet cannot seem to find a single thing wrong with ANY massive violation of Constitutional law proposed by a Leftist. 2) A self-described "Libertarian" who continues blaming the Bush administration for all the increasingly-Fascist activities of the current administration. See: Hypocrite.
Chris just used his blog entry for today to pen a twelve-paragraph screed about the evils of "Neocon Fascism", then finished it by praising Obama's attempts to censor his critics. He's SUCH a Liberaltarian!
by BADKarma May 26, 2011

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