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Don't you, but for the folksy people.
Why don'tcha find a lake for that bass boat.
by backotruck February 09, 2012
The fear of homophobics.
I drove past the capital yesterday, and some of those homophobics scared the crap out of me. I think I'm homophobaphobic.
by backotruck February 09, 2012
The act of pretending to believe something, when in actuality you are faking.
Steve's children are so happy around Christmas because Santa is coming. Steve is happy around his children because he fakebelieves in Santa.
by backotruck November 07, 2011
The biggest cunt in the known universe. However, the galcticunt holds only a theoretical value, which cannot be achieved in reality.
"That woman on line at the Space Station wouldn't let me in just because I was in a hoverchair. She's a galacticunt." See hoverchair.
by backotruck November 01, 2011
When someone is told to Google their own question.
Stan is seeing a pattern after asking everyone he knows very hard questions. He keeps getting told to Youggle his answer.
by backotruck May 29, 2013
One who is afraid of homophobics.
Donald went to work downtown one day during the Gay Pride parade and there were many homophobics on the skywalk looking down while eating their Pinkberry. He avoided them as he is homophobiphobic.
by backotruck March 07, 2012
A redundantly accurate fact.
What goes up, must come down, to the ground. It's quite facturate.
by backotruck February 26, 2012

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