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Simple and unpretentious in behavior; Characterized by informality and affability; Modest, low-key; Characteristic of country life.

JERRY: Hey, remember Beth and David from yesterday? They got separated.

GEORGE: Really? {Realizes} Well, you don't think it had anything to do with what I said, do you?

JERRY: What'd you say?

GEORGE: You know, that, that thing about her being too good for him. I mean, I was just bein' folksy. They could tell I was just being folksy..?

ELAINE: Yeah, I thought you were being folksy.

GEORGE: Totally folksy.
by c/spizz April 10, 2008
The politically correct term for "stupid bimbo".
Sarah Palin is folksy.
by mjkLOMA October 03, 2008

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