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30 definitions by bLiTcH

the belief that religion should be kept out of public schools without the belief in the other acts of pastafarianism
"DOOD this is so cool lets all worship the flying spaghetti monster and stuff!"

"i dont think that religion should be taught in public schools but that flying spaghetti monster shit is obviously fake. im a member of the pastafarian orthodox church"
by blitch May 04, 2010
A roman column crap is the type of crap that fights u before going into the toilet but upon landing in the bowl, it crumbles into little turdlets like an ancient roman column from the colosseum.
I took the toughest shit of my life and after i finally gave birth to a roman column crap, it crumbled into little rabbit turds. Why couldnt it do that while in my ass?
by bLiTcH February 29, 2008
A driver who moves up as close to the line and or car in front of him as if it will make him or her get anywhere any faster
Driver: This guy keeps riding my ass, as if i can go anywhere in this red light.

Passenger: Yeah hes a worthless inch pincher.
by bLiTcH August 04, 2008
A bonfire is the result of 2 or more fire crotches have sex with each other.
There was a huge bonfire at the party last night. At least 5 fire crotches were having an orgy.
by bLiTcH January 26, 2008
GG usually means good game, but it also means get good.
teacher: what is the capital of illinois?

kid1: san fransisco?

kid2: GG baddie
by bLiTcH December 23, 2007
This is the act of consuming pennies and later shitting them out. One who performs this act is a penny pincher.
As I swallowed the handful of pennies, all I could think of is how badly I'd be penny pinching the next day.
by bLiTcH December 26, 2007
The choice that best saves the father's ass, regardless of the pregnant females choice.
Crap i got my girlfriend pregnant. I sure hope shes pro choice. And by pro choice, I mean my choice.
by bLiTcH February 12, 2008