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A girl who has macaroni and cheese nipples has abnormally long nipples and is lactating. The milk excreted from the nip dries around the end and oozes out uncontrollably, thus looking like day old macaroni and cheese.
Dan: "Dude does courtney have macaroni stuck on her chest?"

Gil:"No dude i think shes lactating. She has an extreme case of macaroni and cheese nipples."
by bLiTcH December 17, 2007
After a long night of foreplay and fingerfucking, the female blue balls her partner. The next morning, the man continues to fingerfuck the female. Only this time, when he is done, he sticks his fingers in her nostrils and mouth, causing a rancid fishy stench to be stuck with her the rest of the day.
Lauren led me on like a whore last night, so this morning i gave her a fishy flapjack. She was pissed that she had to smell her meat wallet for the rest of the day.
by bLiTcH January 20, 2008
This is the act of a man sticking his middle and index finger into a womans vagina and thumb into her ass as if she was a bowling ball.
Erik used Lauren like a bowling ball last night when they were going bowling.
by bLiTcH December 20, 2007
This is the act of punching a homosexual in the asshole.
Carmen first became a doughnut puncher when she ass handled steve.
by bLiTcH December 13, 2007
A sleazy spigot is performed when a woman swallows much semen from her male partner. She then induces herself to vomit all of her stomach's contents back into her partner's mouth.
Last night my girlfriend gave me a sleazy spigot then broke up with me.

what a bitch. i wonder if she at least enjoyed the break up sex.
by bLiTcH December 25, 2007
This is the act of twisting your partners nipples 3 complete 360 degree turns and then shaking theyre titties forcefully.
My nurples are so purple because last night Dan gave me the egyptian etch-a-sketch
by bLiTcH December 13, 2007
This is the combination of Hilary and Bill Clinton. Hilary wearing the political pants in the relationship.

man 1: Who are you voting for this year?

man 2: I don't know who im voting for but it sure wont be hilbilly.
by bLiTcH February 25, 2008

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