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Messed up… as in u had a rough night
yo girl you look raggedy as hell
by av September 08, 2004
To hit or attack.
"My motha wouldn't shut up so I cracked her"
by av July 30, 2003
Really awesome, or bad.
New England slang.
"Oh my god, that car is pissa!"

"Joshua, thats just pissa, now I have to pay to replace their window".

by av July 30, 2003
Alternate spelling of Warez. Pirated software. Juarez.
I downloaded some warez, because the company doesn't deserve any money.
by av July 30, 2003
One who is familiar with male genitalia, and caters to it's needs.In other words, a cock loving, jizz guzzling ass fairy. See also democrat.
That Michael Moore is a real dickmonger!
by AV November 24, 2003
A spraycan cap for drawing lines. (Graffiti)
With this thin cap on my can, I can make good outlines.
by av July 30, 2003
1.eating in an unhumanly way. 2.A fatass kid from Westfield, Mass.
He hughes'd the cookies.
by AV July 12, 2003

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