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12 definitions by atm

One who is addicted to or excessively surfs myspace.com.
You been on Myspace for three hours now?! You a myspace bitch fam.
by ATM April 04, 2006
An expression of sheer stupidity
All he does is sit in class looking dumbfucked.
by ATM April 08, 2005
Something thats nice,big and shaped nicely.
Wow her breasts are tittymambos.
by ATM June 21, 2004
The ass of a dork, making being a dork's ass worse than a dork.
My brother got busted getting high. What a dork's ass!
by ATM April 08, 2005
1. A man who enjoys having sex with men mainly likes it in the ass.
Person 1:"Yo i heard that Jon has a gay porn movie out!"
Person 2:" Yeah i saw it that oreo is a booty-bandit!!"
Person 1:"HAHHAHA 4 real"
by ATM January 23, 2005
To put something against your tongue or mouth after someone else has already done so. Using the term is often followed by uncontrollable laughter.
“I was going to drink from that glass but John already did, and I don’t want to have lickies with him”
by atm October 05, 2004
An erection of such strength...it will not go away and makes moving the genitals near impossible.
"Damn baby...i cant wait til u come home i woke up with a superection and couldnt get it to go away for like 4 hours"
by ATM August 22, 2004