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Hillary Clinton's Siamese Twin. They were joined at the dick. The dick's name is Janet Reno.
Even after separation, Hillary always gets the shake at the end after Rosie O'Donnell gets through pissing.
by Aribeth April 12, 2005
Chief instigator of the Waco Texas Massacre. Bill Clinton's right-hand man during the Communist Clinton regime of the 1990's. She was a major threat to every one's individual freedoms during her reign of terror.
The twelve gorgons entered the dark cave seeking to slay the Reno-cerous, but none survived, as they were all turned to stone.
by Aribeth April 12, 2005
Another word for Thought Crime (read George Orwell's 1984).

One of many control methods used by the Democratic National Party to take away your freedoms, violate your right to free speech, and to impose a totalitarian tyranny.
The day may soon come when Hate Crime will be punsihable by death.
by Aribeth April 09, 2005
Preferred by writers of top quality Spyware and Malware the world over.
The microsoft code used in Windows XP is a prime example of Spyware.
by Aribeth April 19, 2005
The main setting for the game Neverwinter Nights.
The first preseason game of the year is the Neverwinter Knights vs. the Luskan Raiders.
by Aribeth April 07, 2005
A propaganda campaign against Chickenkind that is being waged by an evil herd of Undead Cows.

Their latest strategy involves comandeering every billboard along America's hiways and biways.
Let's invite our PETA buddies over to Chick-fil-a!
by Aribeth April 10, 2005
Another euphemism for death.
Elvis Presly is taking the celestial dirt nap. Get over it.
by Aribeth April 14, 2005
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