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the air expelled from a mans anus after anal intercourse.
It was sick. After I had sex with him, he man queefed.
by antjcar86 September 13, 2006
1. Slang. the buttocks
2. the rear pelvic area of the human body.
He's so gay he likes it in the bu-tay-tay.

I'm not takin' no pa-nay-nay in my bu-tay-tay... Sha-nay-nay!!!

Yo' breff smells like bu-tay-tay.
by antjcar86 December 01, 2007
something that is disgusting or unpleasant
Robert: Take a wiff of my fridge.
James: Aw! Sickness!
by antjcar86 September 13, 2006
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