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Abbreviation of "" the Internet match-making service that Blizzard Entertainment operates to connect players of its games to one another. First used with Diablo, later Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood War, Diablo 2, Warcraft 2 Edition, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, and Warcraft 3.
damn, bnet is lagging again tonight..
by jedilaw March 26, 2003
Short for A gaming server hosted by Blizzard Entertainment in order for peopel to be able to play games online at the same time as eachother with eachother. When not playing games, you may chat in chatrooms called "channels," and many mini-game communities called "clans" or "guilds" have formed in order for people to aquire friendships and groups to play games in.
Hey man! Lets go play some 2v2 on bnet!
by mattomynameo February 10, 2005
free online network play for blizzard games (StarCraft, Warcraft, etc.)
by Rob October 28, 2003
A Very Laggy Internet Provider Used on Blizzard
Bnet (Battle.Net) Also Know For There Random Bans.
1. I Was Banned Random From BNet!
2. BNet Is Very Laggy Today!
3. I Hate BNet.
by Phillykid215 August 06, 2009
An online game server rampant with clans consisting of little kids like Outlawz (however you aZnz spell it).
Omg bnet sux u noob!!!
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
Short for battle.Net a match making service operated by blizzard entertainment to connect players to its games. Battle Net has a very high number of clans which are internet gaming guilds. The most exemplary of all of these clans is "Kowledge is Power" a clan that is almost four years old and still going strong ^.^
You got owned on battle net by clan KIP!
by theoman(KIP) December 02, 2003
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