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a school wich consists of halo playing junkies that prides itself on technology that for some reason i go too there are so many nerds that the cool ones become outcasts.
you know in movies that have highschools that theres always a sean in wich a nerd gets bumped into and he dropps his books.
here everybody is constanty bumping into eachother and everybody droppes everything because were all nerds
hthla is the most overated school ever
by anonomous October 18, 2004
used to reverse the meaning of a sentence
alex is obviously good looking raz!!
by anonomous April 17, 2004
the only male who is linked to and can understand the snarkettes. gives awesome gifts. is a bit more than a bit of a neat-freak and enjoys making paper delicacies in his spare time.
fez...of fez and the snarkettes!
by anonomous January 02, 2004
wierd funny looking child, whos abilities in Bf1942 are as bad as Velox's
enemy smiggs spotted
by anonomous December 15, 2003
Dickwad is a word to describe Kaleb. Now Kaleb is a cool guy. But hes also a dickwad. Now being a dickwad is not a bad thing. Some people like dickwads. A dickwad is a person who is ususally tall strange and metrosexual.
Kaleb is a dickwad. Oh what a dickwad he is.
by anonomous March 20, 2005
type google with 11 Os you'le se the weirdest thing ever dont. worry not porn just strange
by anonomous January 03, 2005
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