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42 definitions by anonomous

baby, as in the life form produced from the act of sex
she spent 18 hours in the delivery room pushing out that vagina turd
by anonomous July 18, 2004
64 27
Means Gangster and/or OG original gangster

Not to be messed with
Dont mess with that geeza, he's Gugan
by anonomous April 07, 2005
45 16
A place that has restrictions on who may live there. Also what the Adult Swim cards called Toon Zone, and they would be right.
Toon Zone is a gated community.
by anonomous June 11, 2004
40 19
adj. meaning seethrough, clear, able to look through.
Man, did you see that hot chick wit da transparent shirt skirt and THONG?!?!
by anonomous March 04, 2005
50 30
A variation of a curseword... also said as "shnikey" or "shnikies" when appropriate.
"I just got fired... shnike!"
by anonomous August 05, 2003
24 6
anal hair, as in hair that lines the walls of the ass
That bitch would have given me a rim job, but i had dingle berries all over my fanny fro.
by anonomous August 15, 2004
18 5
A moonkey is a monkey specialy bread on the dark side of the moon who has lazer beems and night vision. They can also fly and speak 13 diff languages including 4 diff types of english. They are telepathic
"like thats a totaly awsom MOONKEY u got there he just like choped that dutchmans head off with his lazer beem"
by anonomous August 28, 2003
25 13