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A phsyco stalker
Get away from me you crazy KAZMER!(zack)
by anonomous November 29, 2003
sarahs lover, insists on big hair, loves designer clothes, drives a punto (spaceship) has to take his clothes off b4 "" WET LETTUCE
sarah n hannam 2 marry on valentines day 2006 wen hannam takes his socks off
by anonomous April 11, 2005
the kungfoo move of compressing the spinal cord by placing your hands on the head and gooche and squeesing, the goal is to colapse the head into the anus. hense the name turdsmotherer also known as the european turd smotherer.
i gave that geek a turdsmotherer

or that ninja is a turdsmothererer
by anonomous January 03, 2005
sexy animal who loves "the davis"
wow she is one mcgurn!!!
by anonomous November 04, 2003
a phrase that has nothing to do with STD's,it is a phrase used to describe a country style
when i go to texas, everyone down there is so honkey tonk, i bought a pair of honkey tonk boots and a honkey tonk hat.
by Anonomous December 05, 2004
one of the best websites ever owned by one of the hottest boys, ever.
hey look its elucidated.org! that site rocks! kthnx!
by anonomous January 26, 2004
Best fucking football team in the league with the best QB- Michael Vick
The Falcons r the most badass team and derserve the superbowl
by anonomous March 03, 2005

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