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9 definitions by anjr00

Incredible band that toured with In Flames and Killswitch Engage. Their crazy double kicks and European-influenced guitars are insane.
I lost my voice during the As I Lay Dying concert.
by anjr00 July 11, 2004
520 168
a great industrial (not nu-metal you dumb fucker) band that can capture the emotion of ones life and make it apply to everyone.
Flaw's album Through The Eyes is one of the best I own.
by anjr00 July 17, 2003
468 297
A fancy term for a lesbian.
Charlene will soon become bored of riding cock, and will resort to licking snatch. She will then be a cooter packing pussy licker.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
22 7
A band from Texas who opened for Disturbed, Taproot and Chevelle in 2003's Music As A Weapon II tour. Their first album did not go all that well, but their sophomore album, Becoming I, is an awesome CD.
Person 1: Did you see Unloco?
Person 2: Yea, they are the best damned band ever.
by anjr00 July 22, 2003
16 3
The ocean that is inside Charlene Africa's snatch. It holds many different varieties of sea life, including sperm whale and tuna. In fact, it smells like tuna. There is also a coast line, but there are giant crabs that guard it.
I went on a cruise vacation in the Charlenese Ocean, but almost got killed by some sperm whales. Charlene needs to stop feeding them cock!
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
8 2
A person who is a complete fucking bitch.
Kelly Mykins is a snatch-faced bitch. Lets go have synchronized swimming with Charlene.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
6 0
A chronic masturbator.
The Pope and all his priests are cock spanglers. And child molesters.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
8 10