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Incredible band that toured with In Flames and Killswitch Engage. Their crazy double kicks and European-influenced guitars are insane.
I lost my voice during the As I Lay Dying concert.
by anjr00 July 11, 2004
a great industrial (not nu-metal you dumb fucker) band that can capture the emotion of ones life and make it apply to everyone.
Flaw's album Through The Eyes is one of the best I own.
by anjr00 July 17, 2003
A fancy term for a lesbian.
Charlene will soon become bored of riding cock, and will resort to licking snatch. She will then be a cooter packing pussy licker.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
A band from Texas who opened for Disturbed, Taproot and Chevelle in 2003's Music As A Weapon II tour. Their first album did not go all that well, but their sophomore album, Becoming I, is an awesome CD.
Person 1: Did you see Unloco?
Person 2: Yea, they are the best damned band ever.
by anjr00 July 22, 2003
The ocean that is inside Charlene Africa's snatch. It holds many different varieties of sea life, including sperm whale and tuna. In fact, it smells like tuna. There is also a coast line, but there are giant crabs that guard it.
I went on a cruise vacation in the Charlenese Ocean, but almost got killed by some sperm whales. Charlene needs to stop feeding them cock!
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
A person who is a complete fucking bitch.
Kelly Mykins is a snatch-faced bitch. Lets go have synchronized swimming with Charlene.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003
A chronic masturbator.
The Pope and all his priests are cock spanglers. And child molesters.
by Anjr00 July 28, 2003

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