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Awesome people, and most of the time the best friend of America. But I'm starting to lose faith on my fellow Yanks if we bash the British like that. They never did anything to us since Napoleon...but they did become one of our greatest allies.
I'm pretty damn sure they don't say "cheerio" every other word. -_-
by alb April 22, 2005
abbreviation for Dark Age of Camelot. An MMORPG. About three realms, Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. The main attraction is RvR which is PVP. Very addictive.
DAOC owns Everquest, and I should know, I've played both
by alb December 30, 2004
A series of 10 books that are all really, really long. Only for the most ultimate nerds to read, like me, because only nerds have the patience to get through all the damn books, although they are really awesome. Abbreviation is WOT.
Nerd1: Yay I just finished Shadow Rising! (book 4)
Nerd2: Ha I finished Winter's Heart! (book 9)
by alb April 05, 2005
The best season ever. Unless you have year-round school, this is approximately two and a half months off when you get to chill with your friends and go on vacations without have to worry about stuff like homework. Pretty much everyone loves summer, unless of course you actually like school.

Also a girl's name...all the seasons can be names for a girl.
Which would you rather do:
1) Sit in school, be bored, work your ass off
2) Chill at the beach or elsewhere without worries...
by alb June 13, 2005
The greatest comedy troupe I've ever seen. Michael Palin, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Eric Idle make up the group. They're all still alive except for Graham Chapman. Famous for the Flying Circus and the Holy Grail, but there's also the Meaning of Life and Life of Brian.
"Can you spot a larch from a distance?"
by alb June 05, 2005
to convince a group of people to do something not in their best interest: i.e., to claim to know directions, and get a group lost.

derived from taking a group to eat at Charlie's Frog Pond, Rochester, NY.
The whole crew wanted to go out to their favorite joint, but John frogponded the trip when he made them go to his parent's instead.
by alB April 02, 2005
A realm that thinks Mythic Entertainment hates them and that they favor albs (Albion) and mids (Midgard) when really, they're being a bunch of whiners, because Mythic favors no one.
Hib1: oh, woes me, the alb just ganked me! Everyone hates us!
Alb: Shut the hell up.
by alb January 03, 2005

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