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Lacking in penis length, not well-hung, deficient. In a recent and highly un-scientific survey, seven out of ten adult American males would rather be called "harmless" than "underhung."

"'Harmless' -- well, that could be someone who is well-behaved around women, but 'underhung' -- you've been typed for good!"

by al-in-chgo March 02, 2010
A euphemism some condom-makers use: a "slim" condom is actually a short condom, because what man would self-describe his dick as "short"? Said slim might also be "tapered," which does mean narrower.

If you are about to go to bed with a guy and your potential sex partner stocks "slims," you have been warned! He's a li'l dick for sure. Throw it back!
In the movie WHIPPED, one of the guys wants to buy Magnum-type condoms at the store, but the Amanda Peet character, knowing his endowment and judging accordingly, insisted he buy "slims." She had the poor fool believing that "slim" had nothing to do with "short".

Most drugstore condoms are of average size, because most adult men are of average size, but a well-stocked store will carry some XL's and perhaps some slims.

by al-in-chgo February 25, 2010
It means act like a man, but in a non-sexist way. It is not meant to be chauvinistic or disparage other groups. Similar phrases would be "be a man," "be a mensch," "be a stand-up guy" or "wake up and accept responsibility for your actions."
Judge Marilyn Milian on THE PEOPLE'S COURT occasionally uses the term "man up" in the way described above, somewhat like an earlier TV instruction of hers to "butch up your act" but not so gay-identified. She has been provoked to the "man up" remark when confronted with such clueless men as the biological father who claimed he 'wanted to be a daddy' when he in fact had not visited his son nor contributed to his support, and the man who consistently maintained he had put only a scratch on plaintiff's car when in fact all the witnesses confirmed and all the photographic evidence showed that he had done considerable damage. It would be absurd for Judge Milian to order a woman to "man up" but she has other, analogous remarks, to make to similarly witless or hypocritical women.
by al-in-chgo February 19, 2010
A contributor or lurker who, out of envy, spite or misplaced rectitude, combs through another contributor's list of words in order to deliberately give each one a "Down" thumb without considering any potential usefulness such words might have.
-- "Santa Claus? I don't get it, Kurt, who is against Santa Claus?"

-- "Poor ol' Burt, it looks like you've been the victim of the dumb thumb down. Check out your other entries to see if you got flamed there, too."
by al-in-chgo August 23, 2011
The cliche "hard-and-fast solution," as in "American energy independence offers no hard-and-fast solutions," upon mishearing becomes a Pornality (q.v.) and figures into the more risque examples below:
"Liz, I've been drinking too much, there isn't going to be any harden-fast solution in bed tonight."

"Uncle Joe, I'm sorry your love life is on the skids but if you're looking for a harden-fast solution there's always Viagra."

Thom -- "Quick-setting concrete for your breezeway! That can be your harden-fast solution!" Timm -- "Don't talk dirty."

by al-in-chgo May 23, 2010
A polite and gender-specific way to say fuck buddy (a term which can apply to male and female alike), both meaning a fairly regular sexual partner of whom no particular social commitment or romantic allegiance is expected. Very similar to "friend with benefits" except that if absoutely necessary the guy can be referred to as a "boyfriend" which, strictly speaking, isn't a lie.


Abercrombie? Oh, he's an honorary boyfriend at most. He gets nookie but I don't have to take him shopping. So far so good for us both."

"Am I still looking for a "regular" boyfriend? Sure, but for now Dolph keeps me satisfied sexually, so I know horniness is not going to interfere with my judgment choosing a real boyfriend."
by al-in-chgo March 05, 2010
1. A kind of portmanteau word (pronounced EPPI-SANE) combining slang usage of "Epic" and "Insane" to combine a new intensified meaning of awesomeness, something so wonderful as to be almost unbelievable.

2. Not to be confused with the very similar-sounding "epicene" (EPPI-SEEN), which means a person showing qualities or attributes of both genders, or as an adjective bisexual, or indeterminate as to gender.


Did you see the skating team at the Olympics whose event got so much applause? At one point on the ice, SHE picked HIS body up off the ground and went into a twirl with him in her arms. Totally off-the-wall and unexpected. Episane!

I went to one of those big party weekends at that university downstate. Late at night, it got really episane -- students and their friends chanting school slogans, line dancing, puking, or trying all three at once. A couple of them almost set fire to a telephone pole! It was chaos until a couple of campus cops showed up around 3:00 a.m.


By the standards of his time, Oscar Wilde played the epicene to the point of outrageousness, wearing floppy suits, overblown boutonniers, and louche hats. That mixed-gender image, coupled with his constant and arrogant elitism and self-promotion as a genius, hurt him when he was accused of sexually molesting an underage teen.

I can't emphasize enough what a stunner it was when David Bowie went epicene on the album cover of "Ziggy Stardust" back in the Seventies; that kind of deliberate sexual ambiguity upset a lot of people, even some of his previous fans. Then there were the music and the lyrics . . .

by al-in-chgo February 23, 2010

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