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Gengoroh (sometimes Gengorou) Tagame, b. 1964, is openly gay and Japan's best known artist who deals in explicitly hardcore themes of male homosexuality and BDSM. His work typically depicts hirsute and stocky characters of the type called bears in English. This genre, which Tagame founded and still leads, is called bara manga -- roughly "bear porn" or "bear graphic novels," a subset of gei comi or "gay comics." Bara manga as a genre stands in sharp distinction to the better known yaoi manga, which generally feature stories of young, smooth, hairless gay men that have particular appeal to female readers.

Tagama the artist has a large number of magazine illustrations and some fine art to his credit, but his reputation rests primarily on his many manga, many of them multi-part. Tagame's best-known and most widely-read manga today is probably his trilogy from the mid-2000's, "Pride", about a hunky college student who is trained as a BDSM slave (masochist) by a college professor who becomes his master.

Some of Tagame's work has been translated and sold in France. There are no official translations of his manga in English-speaking language to date; in a few cases fans and amateurs have taken it on themselves to clandestinely scan and translate some of his work into rough English, a process known as Scanlation. This type of work is widely circulated on the Internet but is not legal due to copyright conventions and Tagame receives no royalties for it.
"So at the height of the torture, Ohasi gets hot candle wax dripped on his ...."

"Don't tell me. Gotta be some sort of manga from Gengoroh Tagame."
by al-in-chgo April 12, 2010
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Tom of Finland (8 May 1920 – 7 November 1991) was the pseudonym of one of the best-known erotic gay artists of the Post-World War II generation.

He was born Touko Laaksonen, in Finland, and as a young man based his drawings on masculine archetypes like Finnish lumberjacks, and later the soldiers and sailors he knew (sometimes intimately) during World War II.

His original erotic images were submitted and ran in USA and Japanese physical culture journals of the 1950s. In the Sixties, with the decline of overt censorship, his drawings became yet more explicit and ran in many of the then-new gay magazines.

Typically Tom of Finland men, clad or not, have large bulging muscles, very large penises, a readiness to engage in any kind of gay sex (often in very unorthodox locations), and a sense of humor. Many of today's gay artists owe much of their visual style to Tom of Finland, and the artist himself is still widely recognized by gay men.

The Tom of Finland Foundation exists to perpetuate his work and to serve as a showcase for young artists.

"I can spot a Tom of Finland illustration at a hundred paces."

"Me, too, but sometimes his more recent imitators trip me up."

by al-in-chgo March 22, 2010
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1. The penis itself.

2. Specifically, an erect penis.

3. A representation of a phallus, often exaggerated, in art or myth.

4. A non-literal representation of phallic shape, intent or function.

1. It's a little pompous to refer to one's penis as a phallus, but it is lexically correct.

2. A penis is for urination; when it becomes erect it is a phallus, serving sexual or reproductive purposes.

3. Two representations of phallus:

a. For example, a primitive sculpture that shows a grotesquely large penis is using the organ as a phallus to indicate fertility, or to represent masculine potency in general.

b. Similarly, the exaggerated genitalia in the work of gay artists such as Tom of Finland emphasize the erotic quality of the phallus, sometimes called hyper-masculinity.

4. A penis, phallus or idea of potency symbolized in an object. The most commonly used term, derived from Freudian psychoanalysis, is called a phallic symbol. One example of this is the very last shot of Hitchcock's 1959 thriller NORTH BY NORTHWEST, which wittily shows a passenger train plunging into a tunnel. Because of the prior plot, the audience knows very well that a train has erotic potential, so the last shot indicates sexual intercourse.

by al-in-chgo March 14, 2010
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A term preferred by some writers in preference to using "homosexual" as a noun.

In a newsmagazine cover article on Gore Vidal in the late 1970s, the celebrated author and essayist explained that, since "homosexual" is used as an adjective ("homosexual fantasy"), the noun form needed something more, well, distinctive and substantive: he used "homosexualist" to describe someone who is gay in practice, or as a state of being.

One doesn't argue lightly with Gore Vidal but there are precedents either way in forming nouns. "Alcoholic drink" / "Joe's an alcoholic," uses "alcoholic" first as an adjective, then as a noun. Similarly, "Green politics" / "Cary has become a Green."

OTOH a medical practitioner of psychiatry is not a "psychiatric" (better used as an adjective = "psychiatric evaluation"), but a "psychiatrist," a description of a person, not a field. One who enjoys sensual things is a "sensualist" but has an appreciation of the sensual.

"John is an out-of-the-closet homosexual"; OR
"John is an out-of-the-closet homosexualist."

BUT ALSO: "John is a homosexual," OR

"John is homosexual." -- BUT NOT:
"John is homosexualist."

It is much to be hoped that the definitions above of "same-sex love" or "practitioner of same-sex love" will stand, despite the fact that many right-wingers use it almost as a slur (it can get clinical) and avoid "gay" as a neologism. Don't think it isn't political, either.

GAY: Current idiom in casual speech would have it
"John is gay." Note that "a gay" commodifies John just a little.

See Gay.

"John's love life has been exclusively homosexual since 1993."

"John has an active homosexual love life."

"John is the kind of homosexualist other homosexualists can be proud of."
by al-in-chgo February 27, 2010
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Getting penetrated in the same orifice at the same time by two men.
"That twink was in for a massive double donging by two muscle daddies."
by al-in-chgo August 17, 2012
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Getting a strained wrist from working a computer mouse with one hand (e.g., to download porn), and jacking self off with the other. It's generally the lower of the two wrists that develops the syndrome first.
"Jed says his right (left) wrist hurts."

"Probably poor ergonomic design at his workstation. He's wanked himself into a case of Fappal Tunnel Syndrome. Someone get a crowbar and pry him off that computer. Sheesh!"
by al-in-chgo March 05, 2011
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An erect penis that is so large it's beyond comprehension or appreciation; or one that inspires fear of pain during an anticipated sexual encounter.

The determination as to what constitutes "scary big" is somewhat subjective.

-- "How'd it go with John last night?"

-- "It was a no-go. I got a look at it -- it was scary big! I couldn't imagine doing anything sexual with it or to it, and I had to beg off."

-- "Well, how long was it, anyway?"

-- "I don't estimate inches, but at least eight."

-- "And that's enough to scare you? Girl, you ain't lived."

by al-in-chgo April 07, 2010
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