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The weekend where everyone is freaking out because there is a break (i.e. Summer Vacation, Spring Break, Winter break). On these weekends nobody cares about school, they just want to go home for the long weekend.
Dude, the Friday before Summer Vacation is going to the start of an epic freakend!
#weekend #vacation #freakend #freekend #funny
by adiz97 April 07, 2011
When you keep dying in a video game, but you never actually die because you have so many extra lives.
Dude, I just got 19 extra lives, I going to be life-lining from now on
#videogame #lifeline #extra #life #funny
by adiz97 April 07, 2011
When people don't want you to listen to their conversation, so they start talking in a language you don't understand.
Did you ask her how she got it?" "No, she pulled a Foreign Exclusion on me.
#language #exclude #conversation #creeper #funny
by adiz97 April 07, 2011
When you finish a report, analysis, or other assignment right before it is due.
Bob: "Jim's busted now!"
Jason: "No, Jim is going to be fine, he Finished - Right on time!"
#finished #bell #right #time #funny
by adiz97 April 07, 2011
When you start laughing uncontrollably even before you finish telling a joke.
I didn't get the joke, he started to Joke Choke, so he didn't even finish
#joke #laugh #before #choke #funny
by adiz97 April 07, 2011
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