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a long shaft connected to a set of dangly balls that provides pleasure through friction.
damnnn that penis' friction felt good
by adidas May 28, 2003
something of extraordinary flavorful excitement thats sooo good it makes u wanna slap yo momma.
those brusselsprouts were the bombshizdiggity man, tell your bammin sister to make me another batch of those mofos.
by adidas April 22, 2004
1) likes to eat at the texan frequently 2) likes to grope one another 3) writes lesbian comments to one another via livejournal
"oh man, he is such a theatre peep, he ate at the texan twice this week and is suggesting that the play after party is there as well!"

"things got a little rowdy in the hot tub after West Side Story..can't help it if I'm a theatre peep now can I?!"

"Hey girly, you were so hot on stage last night when you performed your monologue. Just thought I'd tell u that in your livejournal. Love you babe!"
by adidas April 03, 2005
this word originated because people in america are too fricken lazy these days and want to abbreviate every-assed word in the dictionary. if black people want to overcome harsh slang words and white people across the world talking about them behind their back, they need to start saying full words.
Wendy Peffercorn's hoo-hoos are bammin man. id take a suckle of those zipples.
by adidas April 22, 2004

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