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A made up term promoted by people who dislike the "mormon church." In actuallity there is no "mormon church," "mormon" was the nickname given to followers of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints by their persecuters in the 1800's. Much of the mormon history is shrouded in lies and cover-ups such as when, America, "Land of the free," passed a law stating that it was legal to kill members of this church on sight.

Many ignorant people have devoted their lives to spreading lies about "Mormonism" which any educated ten year old could counter with basic knowledge of this church. I for one am not actually mormon, but do know their teachings and can testify that "anti-mormonism" is slightly retarded in a derogitory sense and extremely petty. Do not believe anything bad you hear about mormons unless it is out of the mouth of somebody currently in the church and YOU think it is bad.
The way I see it, if there IS a right religion, it's either mormonism or the jews because they're the only two that Satan seems to be working against.
by a May 16, 2004
to burn/kill and or destroy
i want to pillage my teachers car
by A July 25, 2004
Those that physically abuse female spouses.
The people in this room are known as wife beaters.
by a June 23, 2003
another word for Whites (as in 87%); used by blacks
Golf used to be a game just for the 87, until Tiger Woods started playing.
by a April 12, 2005
really small muscles
That guy has incredibly small mosquito bites
by A May 15, 2004
An abreviation for a gentle gust of air or wind. Original word Zephyr. Often abreviated when used to describe flatulence.
Hey, Dude... stand downwind of his zef!
by A March 31, 2005
A fast food joint in Colorado that's similar to Hardee's and Carl's Junior.
"I'm so hungry, let's pick something up at Good Times"
by A May 05, 2005

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