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'One who is cheap'
'You cheap ass Minch'
by A October 29, 2003
to burn/kill and or destroy
i want to pillage my teachers car
by A July 25, 2004
Those that physically abuse female spouses.
The people in this room are known as wife beaters.
by a June 23, 2003
really small muscles
That guy has incredibly small mosquito bites
by A May 15, 2004
another word for Whites (as in 87%); used by blacks
Golf used to be a game just for the 87, until Tiger Woods started playing.
by a April 12, 2005
An abreviation for a gentle gust of air or wind. Original word Zephyr. Often abreviated when used to describe flatulence.
Hey, Dude... stand downwind of his zef!
by A March 31, 2005
A fast food joint in Colorado that's similar to Hardee's and Carl's Junior.
"I'm so hungry, let's pick something up at Good Times"
by A May 05, 2005

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