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3 definitions by ZzTop

a muslim hippie
that guy thinks he's islamic but he's just a sufi, he has good gear
by zztop February 12, 2010
to steal a item that does not belong to you. pirates were awsome looters
that pirate took my loots! :(
by ZzTop September 07, 2006
( American definition) Anyone who got where they are in life purely on intellectual capabilities. Anyone who insists on high academic standards, demands proof of theories or scientifically substantiated proposals. Anyone who entered the Ivies, MIT, Stanford or Caltech based on actual academic merit. Anyone who can develop a cogent, original analysis on a subject from a wide range credible factual or historical sources.
Obama is such an Elitist, he wants to check the rethugs' math.
by zztop February 06, 2010