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An institute with a grand total of three girls (one pregnant, one lesbian, and one three-year-old -- Dean's daughter). Students would like you to believe that they have something that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT does not... and they are right! They have more circle-jerks to the latest issue of Hot Women of Science Monthly.
Person 1: I go to Caltech.
Person 2: I'm sorry, but I'm not gay... (Walks away)

Person 1: So, we were at Caltech, studying--- Wait, I think you've got something wrong with your chest.
Person 2: Ummm, I'm a girl.
Person 1: (Is confused) Guuu... uuhh... urrrl?
by Holding My Sausage Hostage December 05, 2006
MIT's more sober and hardcore brother. Though MIT thinks it's too cool for Caltech and its students can hide behind its prestige, Caltech remains legitimately superior in the maths and sciences without having to resort to mass substance abuse.
MIT:Caltech::Billy Carter:Jimmy Carter...any Caltech student can get this analogy
by course18 September 03, 2006
A technical institution in California. Like most American technical institutes it is known for a socially inept student body, disproportionate number of geeks, and an inculcated belief in superiority over the other institutes (e.g. Georgia Tech, MIT, etc). It does have better weather than MIT.
Socially Inept Geek 1: I go to Caltech. Want to solve some PDEs together?

Socially Inept Geek 2: Yeah! I love solving PDEs! Oh wait... I go to MIT. Yeah, I am going to have to attempt murder you.
by TheRecreationalHacker March 09, 2007
The best school in the country for the maths and sciences. Located in Pasadena, CA, it is better than MIT in nearly everything...even the weather.
MIT's been up to their labcoats in snow, but it's been sunny for the past hundred years here at Caltech.
by sciencenerd95 June 20, 2005
A university that rocks infinitely harder than MIT.
Caltech=California Institute of Technology
by yay caltech April 02, 2005
A math science institution in California well known for its famous physics professors.
Richard Feynman was a professor at Caltech.
by zos12345 December 17, 2013
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