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Someone who thinks they are the best and are never wrong.
Aretha is very Egotistical
by Zeke April 08, 2004
A word which may be uttered during discussion of a bad movie.

Origin: The alleged favorite movie of Strong Bad as claimed by Strong Mad.
"You know, the best part about 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' is the amazing special effects."
by Zeke February 15, 2005
When someone has one-upped a compliment you made to someone else, for no other reason than to be a brown-noser.

Being inappropriately frank.
You: "Wow, you look great in that dress"
Douchebag: "She looks great no matter what she has on"

Bystander: "Dude you just got Franked"
by Zeke December 06, 2010
An excellent band containing former members of the Rustic Overtones, heard mainly in the New England area on good radio stations. The vocals are similar to the Rustic Overtones, though the style has changed a bit and the lyrics are suited to a faster pace.

Singles include "Wasted," "She Gets Me High," and "Two Girls."
One sees potential in a man
When he's broke
The other one's still thinking
That this band is a joke
One hits the road
Like the second you cum
The other one you wake up
When your breakfast is done

I need I need
I need two girls
If I can't have you
by Zeke June 21, 2005
How George W. Bush would describe himself as a president, spelling and all.
"I'm a great presidant, and I think our children is going to learn better now that I've invaded Iraq and plan to ban gay marriage."
by Zeke December 16, 2004
German equivalent of "Cotton-Candy Pimp."
Ich bin der Zuhälter von Zuckerwatte.
by Zeke March 10, 2004
To get the hell knocked out of you while playing basketball such as by running into a pick.
"Man did you see that guy just get Maria'd by that big guy?"
by Zeke January 17, 2004

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